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Weave a circle,
Magick abounds,
Cast a spell,
Magick swirls all around!
   -Andromeda Midnight (me)

Here are some of my favorite spells.  More coming soon.  Enjoy!


Casting a circle:

A circle offers protecton and helps make spells more efficient.  Here is the method I most often use.

1. Gather all items so that you don't have to exit the circle until you open it when finished with your magick.  Nothing interrupts the magickal flow like having to go root for a match in the kitchen!

2. Walk once deosil (clockwise) around the circle holding your wand, athame, or hand in front of you and say, "Maiden cast your circle white, weave a thread of glowing light."

3. Walk another time around like above only saying instead, "Mother cast your circle red, weave a web of glowing thread."

4. Walk a third time around like above only saying instead, "Crone, cast your circle black, weave the wisdom that we lack."

5. Cast your spells.

6. Walk three times widdershins (counter clockwise) around the circle saying each time, "Maiden, mother, crone, unweave your circle, let the magick flow."

7. Use your wand, athame, or hand to draw a pentacle in the air before you and say, "So mote it be!"

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