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Parents are nosy creatures,
Although you know they do mean well,
They can interfere with children's lives,
And restrict their destiny as well.
     -Andromeda Midnight (me)

OK... So your parents find out.  There are basically 3 scenarios:
Best case- Your parents say, "That's cool."  If you are super lucky they will arange the transport, supplies, time, and space you need.  I am not lucky, sad to say.
Middle case- Your parents are a bit iffy about it.  They could have a few bad thoughts, but are generally reserving judgement until they learn more about it.  This is how my dad is.  My hypothesis is that this could turn into a best case scenario if they are provided with the right information, but I'd advise not to bombard them.
Worst case- This is how my 'rents are.  You get the basic spiel about how Jesus (or God, Allah, etc.) wouldn't want you to do this and how it is affiliated with Satan.  You know that this is a bunch of bullshit, but they probably won't be persuaded.  What I'm doing until I come of age is downsizing my ritual tools and practising in a secluded place.  I know this sounds gross, but the best place for me is the bathroom when I'm supposed to be taking a shower.  That way, I can cleanse myself before the ritual and then under the pretence of using lotion, combing my hair, etc. I whisper my ritual.  This also gives me an opertunity to practise skyclad.  I also pretend to be really attached to the Christian faith to dispell all suspision.  Last week, I 'begged' for a new Bible.  I know it's hard, but just stick it out and you will eventually reach the age that you can be free of religious intolerance from parental units.

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