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I'm sorry I don't have a poem up for this section, but this website has tested my abilities as a writer.
I am Andromeda Midnight, a teenage Wiccan whose mom is convinced that her daughter is worshipping Satan, which, believe me, is hell itself, let me tell you!  I love Harry Potter and know everything about it.  Come on! Quiz me! Really!  Email me with ???? and I'll give you answers!  People say I need to get a life, but no one understands.  ::sniffle::  What is more to life than Wicca, Harry Potter, and the internet?!?!  Well, maybe chocolate too.  Every day I trudge through school, my only incentive to keep living is my computer waiting faithfully for me, my only true friend.  Oh, did I mention that I am a poet, and I do know it!!!  Hurrah for stupid rhyming thingies!!!  ::coughs loudly and wonders about the weird looks in her direction::  If you want to be one of my contacts from the strange and scary world, email me!  Tell me about life, politics, weather, seasons, and anything else that happend since Yule, when I got my own computer!  Correspond at

Wheeee!!! Go Wicca! Go Wicca! As you can see, this has become my outlet for INSANITY!!!!!!  No, really, I'm actually rather sane in a vague sort of way, but this is a lot more fun!