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Rain, rain, Gaia crying,
See what her children have done.
Pollution chokes,
Trash clogs,
And smog blocks out the sun.
Will people realise their fatal mistake
Before permanent damage is done?
     -Andromeda Midnight (me)

We can help the planet that we love so much!  Just like in the poem above, we have made lots and lots of errors with pollution.  You can make a difference in ways of magick and mundane.  Every little bit counts!
First, the craft isn't all magick, magick, magick.  Just do simple things like reusing grocery bags as garbage bags, turning off the electronics when you leave the room, etc.  What I'm going to do is celebrate every Esbat (full moon) by taking a grocery bag out by the river near my house and filling it with trash.
Also, I do a ritual to donate energy to earth.  Sit comfortably and place your hands palm sides down on the ground.  Imagine reaching all the way inside the earth to the core.  Pull a thin string of energy up to your hands.  Then, double it, triple it, multiply it as much as you can.  After you are done, launch this energy back into the glowing core.
You can do all these things and more, and know that you are helping save and conserve Mother Earth's (Gaia's) sacred body!

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