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Mrs. Doyle's Cup of Tea


Who's Who In Father Ted | Quotes | A Tribute To Dermot Morgan
Who's Who In Father Ted

Here's where you can find out more about the characters!

Father Ted Crilly:

Father Ted Crilly is the gray haired priest in the top left corner of the picture, and possibly the only practising priest among them! He is comparatively sane, but tends to daydream about being in showbusiness, or surrounded by glamorous women.

Father Dougal Macguire:

Father Dougal Maguire is Father Ted's young associate on the island and the top middle in the picture. He lacks imagination, common sense, and doesn't seem to have two brain cells to rub together, but he manages to get by with a kind of naive innocence.

Father Jack Hacket:

Father Jack Hackett is a senile, old alcoholic priest, whose vocabulary consists largely of 'drink', 'feck', 'arse' and 'girls'. He is in the bottom of the picture. His favourite drinks range from whiskey to petrol, toilet duck to floor polish, and he can become quite violent if he doesn't get his own way. Most of the time though, he sits fast asleep in his armchair, dreaming of drink.

Mrs. Doyle:

Mrs. Doyle is the housekeeper who keeps the parochial house riding on a sea of tea, and I think you can guess which one she is in the picture.  When it comes to a cup of tea, she won't take no for an answer!  Oh, and that goes for cakes, too.  As she said to Ted once, "Ah, go on.  They have cocaine in them.  no.  Wait.  Not cocaine, those little things, what do you call them, raisins!"