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Sorting Hat Quiz



Sorting Hat Quiz
1. Which word would best describe your personality?
a. brave
b. clever
c. loyal
d. cunning
2. Let's say You-Know-Who is about to take over the world, and the only way to defeat him was for you or your friend to die.
a. you insist you sacrifice yourself
b. you cry alot when your friend volunteers, but you don't exactly say no
c. you leap in front of your friend to take the first blow, you'd do anything for friends!
d. sorry about your friend dying, but it was between them and you
3. You find a wallet on the ground with a driver's liscense, unpaid parking tickets, and $50.  What do you do with it?
a. return it immediately
b. report the tickets to the police and return the rest (cash and all)
c. hesitate for a sec, then decide to return it
d. return the wallet, but keep the cash
4. What emphasis do you put on wizard blood?
a. it's the person inside that counts!
b. it doesn't matter as long as they aren't Death Eaters
c. almost anybody can make a good friend
d. pure blood, definately pure blood
5. It's the night before exams.  What's going through your head?
a. I'd better cram tonight!
b. Since I did all that studying ahead of time, I can get a good night's sleep.
c. I hope I studied enough!  I'll just do my best.
d. What's the big deal?  I can just copy!
If you got mostly a's: Gryffindor, b's: Ravenclaw, c's:Hufflepuff, or d's: Slytherin.  If there's a tie, pick your favorite house.